DMK 339P

DMP 339P stainless steel sensor (flush)
pressure port flush G 1/4″
  The DMP 339P industrial pressure transmitter features a G 1/4″ flush welded pressure port and was designed for the use in a range of machinery including metering systems. It is ideal for measur-ing the pressure of viscous and pasty media. No dead spaces arise from the flush welded stain-less steel diaphragm.
  Material accumulation, dripping and stringing in machinery is eliminated. This increases the efficiency and reliability of your machines.
  The DMP 339P is available with various electrical connections, ensuring an excellent adaption to the application conditions.
Features nominal pressure range 0 … 25 bar up to 0 … 600 bar
  accuracy: 0,5 % FSO
  mechanical connection: G ¼‘‘ flush
  suited for viscous and pasty media
Optional Features several electrical connections
  customized versions