DL 01

DL 01 stainless steel sensor
leak testing, pipeline monitoring
  The digital pressure gauge DL01 is a precision device fulfilling highest demands. It was conceived especially for leak testing or pipeline monitoring. The advantage of the DL01 is that it consists of two devices – the digital display and the pressure transmitter -which can be combined without any tools.
  The DL01 can be adapted to several mounting situations quickly and without any problems within seconds without the need to store a variety of digital gauges.
  Outstanding measuring qualities, an intuitive operation, as well as an integrated data logger characterize the DL01. In addition, the graphic display provides the handling and the clear presentation of the measuring procedure.
  The gathered data and the relevant information (TAG or serial number, etc.) are recorded and can be read out and processed over the integrated interface via USB and PC software.
Features nominal pressure: 0 …100 mbar up to 0 … 400 bar
  accuracy: 0,05 % FSO BFSL (Klasse 0,05)
  modular sensor concept
  data logger
  graphics-capable display
  stainless steel housing d = 100 mm
  communication interface USB 2.0
Optional Features data logger interval 1s … 99 days or fixed time
  default values for time / test duration
  zero point calibration
  software incl. USB converter
  backlight and much more