EE300Ex Humidity and temperature transmitter for intrinsically safe applications
The EE300Ex humidity and temperature transmitter is dedicated for measurement in explosion hazard areas. It complies with the classifications for Europe (ATEX), International (IECEx) and USA / Canada (FM) and can be employed in gas and dust explosion hazard areas. The intrinsically safe EE300Ex can be installed in the explosion hazard area even in zones 0 / 20 (Divison 1).
Type EE300Ex Intrinsically Safe Humidity / Temperature Transmitter with remote sensor probe
EE300Ex Intrinsically Safe Humidity / Temperature Transmitter for wall mounting
รายละเอียด The 2-part enclosure facilitates easy installation and dismounting for calibration without time-consuming wiring. The robust and easy-to-clean stainless steel housing is optimized for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The well proven E+E humidity sensor technology grants reliable, long-term stable measurements in challenging applications.
Besides measurement of relative humidity and temperature, the EE300Ex calculates all humidity related parameters, such as dew-point temperature [Td], wet-bulb temperature [Tw], absolute humidity [dv], etc. The intrinsically safe humidity and temperature transmitter features two 4-20 mA outputs in 2-wire technology.
Moisture in oil measurement In the same way as humidity measurement in air, the EE300Ex is appropriate for moisture in oil measurement. The moisture content of oil can be issued absolute as water content in [ppm] or relative as water activity [aw]. Typical applications for moisture in oil measurement are found in systems for cleaning/drying oil or on oil platforms for online monitoring of lubrication and gear oils.
Typical applications Chemical industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Painting cabinets
Explosion hazard storage rooms
Power stations
Grain mills
Oil platforms
Moisture in oil measurement
Key Features EE33 For gas and dust applications
Direct mounting in zones 0 / 20
All humidity related physical quantities
Best precision up to 180°C (356 °F)
Pressure-tight up to 300 bar (4351 psi)
Wall mount or remote probe versions
Water content and water activity in oil
Technical data EE33
-40…180 °C (-40…356 °F)
±0.2 °C (±0.36 °F)
PRESSURE RANGE 0.01…300 bar (0.15…4351 psi)
OUTPUTS 4-20 mA (2-wire)