ThermoTrans 210/211

รายละเอียด The practical solution for temperature measurement with thermocouples
Facts Explosion protection EEx ia IIC according to ATEX, trouble-free use in hazardous areas
Comprehensive range of standard models for standard applications,
no parameter setting required
EMC-tested according to European EMC regulations and NAMUR NE 21:
reliable operation even with electromagnetic interference in the power grid or in the environment
Protective separation according to EN 61140: protection of maintenance staff and subsequent devices against excessively high voltages
Modular housing, 22.5 mm wide with 73.5 mm standard height: compact design
means easy installation, also easy to fit in standard enclosures
5-year warranty
รายละเอียด The ThermoTrans 210/211 temperature transmitters provide protective separation and high insulation resistance between the input, output and power supply. They meet the strict EMC requirements according to NAMUR and the European EMC regulations and can easily be used for measurements in hazardous areas. Vacuum encapsulation protects the devices against aggressive environmental influences, shock and vibrations.
ThermoTrans 210/211 for thermocouples Thermocouples have very low resistance, making them interference-resistant. Their preferred field of application is high temperature ranges, for example, for measurements in ovens, smelting plants, and plastic machines. The range of standard thermocouples is extremely broad. The ThermoTrans 210/211 transmitters therefore provide connection possibilities for all common thermocouples. To avoid long compensation lines, an external reference junction can be used in addition to the internal one.
For reference junctions with thermostat, the reference temperature can be fixed or measured with a Pt 100. The ThermoTrans 210/211 transmitters can also be used to measure voltages in the range of –20 to +100 mV at a transmission rate of 1 / s. The transfer curve can be freely configured using various functions or interpolation points, which makes the transmitters ideal for difficult measuring tasks, e.g. the fill level in spherical tanks.