ProLine P 44000

Facts Transmitter for Pt100 temperature sensors, 2- or 4-wire connection
Fixed range models for 0 to 150 °C, 0 to 200 °C and 0 to 300 °C input ranges
Impressed output current of 4 to 20 mA
Compact 67.5 and 22.5 mm modular housings based on proven VariTrans technology
High isolation up to 6 kV AC/DC basic insulation and up to 2.5 kV AC/DC reinforced insulation with overvoltage category III and pollution degree 2 according to EN 50178 (input against output and power supply)
22.5 mm housing for less demanding isolation requirements up to 2 kV AC/DC (basic insulation)
Low measurement error of just ± 1 K (typically ± 0.5 K) and short T90 delay time of 100 ms
VariPower broad-range power supply for 20 … 253 V AC/DC ensures safe operation even with unstable power grids
Resistant to environmental influences through vacuum encapsulation
Suitable for extreme environments: ambient temperature during operation –40 … +85 °C
5-year warranty
Precise Temperature Measurement at High Voltage Potentials up to 6 kV When temperatures are to be measured using Pt100 resistance thermometers in high-voltage environments, standard temperature transmitters are often unsuitable due to their insufficient insulation.
Resistance thermometers can be insulated against high voltage. In practice, however, the available installation space is often too small. Moreover, the insulation is weakened by thermal and mechanical aging.
For temperature measurement on power electronics components, maximum safety is therefore provided by high-voltage resistant galvanic isolation. A typical application is the monitoring of the winding temperature of electric motors, generators or transformers.
The Solution: Pt100 Transmitter With 6 kV AC/DC Basic Insulation The new ProLine P 44000 transmitter for high-voltage applications converts the resistance of a 2- or 4-wire Pt100 resistance thermometer into a 4 to 20 mA signal with high accuracy and short delay times.
The output signal is galvanically isolated from the input signal and the voltage supply. The isolation is designed for working voltages of up to 6 kV AC/DC. During routine testing, the test voltage is 15 kV AC. Vacuum encapsulation protects the circuit against environmental influences and ensures that the extraordinary isolation properties are maintained.
The product line covers the standard ranges of 0 to 150 °C, 0 to 200 °C and 0 to 300 °C. The transmitters are available in 67.5 and 22.5 mm modular housings to suit different requirements.