BasicLine BL 530

Detail This load and signal doubler provides two galvanically isolated current outputs which can each drive a load of 400 ohms or 800 ohms when connected in series.
Facts Flexible input, two galvanically isolated 20-mA current outputs
  Both current outputs with a high load of 400 ohms
  800 ohms load with outputs connected in series
  6-mm housing requires minimal space
  Galvanic 4-port isolation prevents measurement errors
  Exemplary signal transmission for standard applications
  CE compliant and UL approved
  3-year warranty
  Perfect price-performance ratio
Input 0 … 20 mA
  4 … 20 mA
Accuracy < 0.3 % full scale
Test voltage 1.5 kV AC
Working voltage 300 V AC/DC
Power supply 24 V DC
Further functions 4-port isolation, 2 x 400 ohms/
  800 ohms output load