BasicLine BL 550

Detail This extremely compact set-point alarm relay with changeover output contacts monitors and controls process variables with maximum reliability.
Facts Simple monitoring and control of standard signals
  NC/NO changeover
  Limit values / switching thresholds freely adjustable using potentiometer on the front
  Input signal, switching hysteresis and delay adjustable using DIP switches
  3-way isolation
  Minimum space consumption in the enclosure: 6-mm housing
  CE compliant and UL approved
  3-year warranty
  Perfect price-performance ratio
Input 0 … 20 mA/4 … 20 mA
  0 … 10 V
Relay output 1 changeover contact 240 V AC, 2 A
Test voltage 1.5 kV AC
Working voltage 50 V AC/DC
Power supply 24 V DC
Further functions Adjustable hysteresis and delay