SG Series - galvanic isolation module 6mm thickness

Mounting: rail DIN ou rail alimenté
Inputs: current, voltage, Pt100, TC sensors…
Outputs: 4/20mA, current, voltage
Power supply: 16.8 to 31.2 Vdc
Consumption: 0.8 to1.2W
Accuracy: <0.1% of full scale
Configuration: by DIP switches or USB using GEORGINSet* software
Isulation: >3KV between input, output and power supply
GT 45000 Temperature transmitter
GS 75000 Shunt resistance isolation amplifier / voltages in mV
GN 25000 Isolation amplifier
GN 21000 Signal separator / repeater
GH 11000 (1 channel) and GH 11020 (2 channels) Isolator powered by the loop
GC 52500 HART transmitter power supply
GB 64000 Bipolar isolation amplifier