BVNT(I) - BVLT(I) - BVMT(I) Series - (AI)

รายละเอียด This device is designed to interface 4/20mA signals.
Input: 4/20mA 2 wires active or passive
Output: 4/20mA 2 wires active or passive
Supply: 24-48 VDC, 110-230 VAC
Model: 1 or 2 channels and signal duplicator (1 input – 2 outputs)
Setting: Adjustment potentiometer for the source and the curve on the front
green LED for presence of voltage
Installation : Safe area
Options: » Hart signal transparency with the barrier (BVNTI – BVLTI – BVMTI)
» Screw terminals
» ACCDIVBX power supply cables