BPX Series - ProgressX family (UI)

Detail BPX are designed to convert RTD100, thermocouples, potentiometer, mA, mV and other standardized current signals coming from the hazardous area to the safe area.
Input: Universal
Output: up to 2 4/20mA outputs and 4programmable thresholds depending on model
Supply: VAC ou VDC
Red LED for alarm state, and green LED for presence of voltage
Installation: Safe area
progressX Manager for programming the type of input, relays state in case of fault, hysteresis and alarm temporisation, 4/20mA output
  Possibility for line measurement and outputs simulation
Options: » Hart signal transparency with the barrier
  » Screw terminals
  » RS232 programming cable and USB / RS232 converter
  » ACCDIVBX power supply cables