IsoPower A 20900

รายละเอียด 24 V DC with broad-range power supply
Facts Slim design: 35 mm
Worldwide usability: broad-range power supply 100 … 240 V AC
High availability even in fluctuating mains supply systems
Low-cost, fast multiple supply of up to twenty 6-mm devices
conveniently via DIN rail bus connectors
Floating relay output for monitoring the output voltage
Pluggable screw terminals: simple and fast assembly and prewiring of enclosures
2-year warranty
รายละเอียด 24 V DC, 1 A supply with broad-range power supply. The IsoPower A 20900 power supply is designed for a broad range of input voltages from 100 to 240 V AC (-15 %, +10 %) which makes it suitable for all typical mains voltages. It ensures a high level of operational reliability in industrial networks that are influenced by large inductive loads as well as in countries with unstable power grids.
DIN rail bus connectors can be used to configure a supply network for transmitters and isolators of the 6-mm class. The devices can be installed much faster and they can be replaced very easily. The IsoPower A 20900 is equipped with pluggable screw terminals for easy installation and replaceability.