BasicLine BL 513

Detail This mains-powered signal isolator convinces with optimal signal transmission in standard applications.
Facts Universal power adapter for 24 V DC supply or 100 … 230 V mains supply
  Galvanic 3-port isolation prevents measurement errors
  Exemplary signal transmission for standard applications
  Conversion of one standard signal to another one, as required
  Calibrated range selection without complicated manual adjustments
  Easy configuration using DIP switches
  protected against accidental adjustment
  CE compliant and UL approved
  3-year warranty
  Perfect price-performance ratio
Input 0 … 20 mA
  4 … 20 mA
  0 … 10 V
Accuracy < 0.3 % full scale
Test voltage 1.5 kV AC
Working voltage 300 V AC/DC
Power supply 24 V DC/100 … 230 V AC
Further functions Calibrated range selection