IsoTrans 36/37

Facts Galvanic isolation between input and output signal
Protection against measuring errors caused by grounding problems and parasitic interference voltages
No power supply required: cost saving due to lower wiring effort
No mains interference
Very low residual ripple: no interference of the connected measuring or control system
Explosion protection according to ATEX
High transmission accuracy, excellent pulse formation, exact transmission of the measured values
Very low common-mode interference: protection against incorrect measurements or failures caused by interference
Maximum reliability: no repair or downtime costs
10 kV test voltage (optional)
Protective separation according to EN 61140: protection of maintenance staff and subsequent devices against excessively high voltages
SMART transmission: bi-directional point-to-point transmission of digital data according to HART® specification
5-year warranty
รายละเอียด Knick loop-powered isolators for 0 … 20 mA signal transmission. These modules are available as hazardous-area input and hazardous-area output isolators. Due to their patented design (German patent 3526997), they are considered to be the most reliable solution for isolating standard signals without an external power supply.
The IsoTrans 36 and 37 isolators are not only suitable as highly reliable isolators for normal applications, they also meet the most stringent requirements that can be set for potential isolation. There is no need for power supply wiring.
HART® is a registered trademark of the HART Communication Foundation.