Process Indicator 830 S1

Detail Digital loop-powered 830 series indicators are universally usable in current measurement circuits; switching (either 0 … 20 mA or 4 … 20 mA) is simply performed via the terminals. The measured value is displayed for a current as low as 0.3 mA. Thanks to the low voltage drop of just 0.5 V, the use in current loops with a low load voltage is also possible.
Facts Digital indicator without power supply or power cables
  No signal interference from power supply coupling
  Indicator not affected by grid outage
  No parasitic voltages
  Universal range adjustment
  Selectable unit symbols
  Freely configurable, floating min/max switched outputs, optional
  Potential isolation Ex/Ex
  IP 65
  Large 23-mm digital numbers
  4-digit display: measuring range up to 10 000, display range –9999 … 9999
  Range overview through additional integrated bargraph
  Voltage drop 0.5 V
  Configurable without external reference current
  Parameters can also be modified during operation
  Settings protected by a passcode
  Approved for use in HART circuits
  3-year warranty