BasicLine BL 570

รายละเอียด The “multitalent” among the isolators: Every range between ±20 mV and ±200 V DC can be individually adjusted. Over 400 ranges are factory-calibrated.
Facts Universal DC voltage and current measurement
480 switchable calibrated ranges without readjustment
Voltage range anywhere between ± 20 mV and ± 200 V, individually adjustable
Currents up to 100 mA are measured directly; higher currents via external shunt resistor
Adjustable range offset
Universal power adapter for 24 V DC supply or 100 … 230 V mains supply
3-port isolation protects against incorrect measurements or damage
Maximum reliability
CE compliant and UL approved
3-year warranty
Perfect price-performance ratio
Input 0 … 20 mV/200 V,
0 … 100 μA/100 mA
Accuracy <0.25 % full scale
Test voltage 1.5 kV AC
Working voltage 300 V AC/DC
Power supply 24 V DC/100 … 230 V AC
Further functions Calibrated range selection