BXNI*A – BXNI*T Series - (AO - AI)

Detail This device is designed to isolate 4/20mA signals between the safe and the hazardous areas.
Input: Current (4/20mA)
Output: Current (4/20mA)
Supply: No power supply required
Model: 1, 2 or 4 channels
Setting: Adjustment potentiometer for the source on the front
installation: Safe area
Options: » Screw terminals
  » Ex d enclosure – RTPE9-DIN or other Ex d enclosure
EC Type examination certificate number : LCIE 02 ATEX 6104X
IECEx conformity certificate : LCI 09.0013X
ATEX/IECEx classification : II (1) GD [Ex ia] IIC or [Ex ia] IIB or [Ex iaD]