Stratos MS

รายละเอียด 4-wire multiparameter devices
The digital Stratos MS multiparameter device can be configured to measure pH, ORP, conductivity (conductive/inductive) or oxygen.
– Digital multiparameter transmitter
– Convenient and intuitive user interface
– VariPower 20 to 253 V AC/DC broad-range power supply
– For digital Memosens sensors
Affordable Multi-Parameter Transmitter With the Stratos MS, Knick is now offering a low-cost, purely digital version of its Stratos analyzers that can be configured to measure pH value, ORP, conductivity (conductive or inductive) and dissolved oxygen. Designed for digital Memosens sensors, the Stratos MS is the counterpart to the Stratos Eco analog analyzer.
Unique User Interface The self-explanatory user interface guarantees comfortable and intuitive handling.
2-Color Backlit Display The large, high-contrast LC display simultaneously indicates measured values and temperature in plain text as well as measurement symbols. In normal measuring mode the display is backlit white. The alarm status has a particularly noticeable red display color and is also signaled by flashing display values. Invalid inputs or false passcodes cause the entire display to flash red so that operating errors are significantly reduced. Internationally recognizable icons provide operating information and draw attention to unusual operating states.
Shatter-Proof and Corrosion-Resistant Housing The robust PBT housing with IP 65 protection is suitable for wall, pipe or panel mounting. It is outdoor-rated and UV resistant, including the display. Empty plastic housings and plug terminals can be preassembled for easier installation.
VariPower Broad-Range Power Supply It is shipped with a VariPower broad-range power supply for any common
supply voltage (20…253 V AC/DC), ensuring proper operation even with large fluctuations in the power grid.