Stratos Evo

รายละเอียด 4-wire analyzers for versatile applications
Stratos Evo offers pioneering solutions for analysis of pH, ORP, conductivity (conductive or inductive) and oxygen using 4-wire technology.
– Intuitive operation with color-coded user guidance
– For digital Memosens and analog sensors
– Diagnostic functions for Memosens sensors
– High-performance HighPower broad-range power supply
– Power supply for external 2-wire transmitters (pressure or flow transmitters)
– Explosion protection: Zone 2
– Digital communication
One Device for pH, ORP, Conductivity and Oxygen The 4-wire multi-parameter device for measuring pH values, ORP, conductivity (conductive or inductive) or dissolved oxygen has a particularly powerful HighPower broad-range power supply on board, allowing for the use of optical oxygen sensors in addition to analog and Memosens sensors.
Fully Digital Integration Avoids Interference The fully digital Stratos Evo platform allows for interference-free processing of measurement signals which are already digitized in the sensor. If analog sensors are used, the device already performs fully automated parameter detection when the measurement module is connected.
Supply of External 2-Wire Transmitters The HighPower power supply provides an additional advantage through the ability to also supply external 2-wire transmitters such as pressure or flow rate transmitters. The respective signal can be looped through the 4 … 20 mA input and displayed.
Visualization of the Operating States Through Color-Coding Stratos Evo features intuitive operation via a color-coded user interface.
The widescreen display indicates the respective operating states in six different colors: The normal measurement mode is backlit in white, information is indicated in green. Separate colors are also used for the diagnostics menu, maintenance requirement notifications and Hold mode. The alarm status is shown in dark red, and red flashing of the display indicates invalid inputs or false passcodes. Clear, self-explanatory pictograms also provide for an easier overview.