Measuring Modules, Conductivity

รายละเอียด Modules for conductivity measure-ment with 2-/4-electrode or toroidal sensors; designs for analog and digital sensors.
Simultaneous measurement of electrical conductivity, resistivity, concentration, salinity and temperature.
MS 4400(X)-160 Modul zur Leitfähigkeitsmessung mit konduktiven und induktiven Leitfähigkeitssensoren mit Memosens-Protokoll
COND 3400(X)-041 2- or 4-electrode sensors
Large measuring range with 2-electrode sensors through specific measuring method
Sensocheck polarization detection and monitoring of cable capacitance
Sensor monitor
CONDI 3400(X)-051 Toroidal sensors
Sensocheck sensor monitoring
Sensor monitor
Can be used universally for many commercial toroidal conductivity sensors, adaptation via sensor ID