Software Extensions

Modular Software Options Numerous add-on functions allow the Protos to be optimally adapted to suit the respective application. Straightforward handling thanks to the memory card slot and the ProgaLog 3000 configuration tool.
Memory Card The memory card measures just 4.5 x 3.7 cm and is only 1 mm thin. It provides the Protos system with an extremely compact storage medium for software updates, software functions, parameters and data logs.
5 parameter sets can be stored on the card and loaded to the device. Each parameter set contains all configuration data, enabling rapid exchange and speedy device configuration. Easy reset to default settings. Software functions can be activated via transaction numbers (TAN).
You can save the complete device configuration parameters to the memory card and then transfer them directly to a PC. Or you use the card to simply transfer single parameters or complete parameter sets from one device to another.
ProgaLog 3000 PC software for offline configuration and documentation.