Modular Concept

รายละเอียด 3 module slots for maximum functionality
The hardware modules are EMC shielded and completely encapsulated to ensure maximum availability. The modules are galvanically isolated from each other.
Knick’s product portfolio includes a broad range of more than thirty different modules with distinct functions. Up to 3 modules can be combined depending on the measuring task. Later retrofits and modifications are no problem.
A variety of communication modules provide functional flexibility, e.g. allow for adding extra outputs, connections to fieldbus systems etc.
If required, custom combinations of several process parameters can be measured with one device: pH/pH, Cond/Cond etc. or parallel pH and conductivity measurement, for example.
Combined evaluation – i. e. the calculation of several process parameters e.g. for differential measurement or quasi-redundant measuring systems.
Plug & play – You can plug the modules into each other in any order. They are recognized automatically. For quick and easy retrofitting and modification; hot swap technology.
Modular Software Options Numerous add-on functions allow the Protos to be optimally adapted to suit the respective application. Straightforward handling thanks to the memory card slot and the ProgaLog 3000 configuration tool.