รายละเอียด Mobile tool for the contactless, on-site visualization of Memosens measuring points without a display.
Facts Contactless readout of sensor data when using Memosens sensors and the corresponding transmitters
One device for all parameters
Direct power supply to MemoView via Portavo
Measured value display on site without process interruption
Saving sensor data via MemoLog
Data logger function for measured value recording via Portavo
Predictive maintenance at a glance thanks to graphical display of sensor diagram and sensor monitor
Sensor calibration record can be called up without separating the sensor from the measuring point
Mobile Check of Sensor and Measuring Point Without Process Interruption With MemoView, Memosens online measuring points without on-site display (e.g., in conjunction with MemoRail) can be queried contactless during operation.
Users simply push MemoView onto the Memosens sensor connection and all the values and sensor data are displayed on the Portavo mobile analyzer.
Comprehensive Communication With the Portavo mobile process analyzer, sensor data and up to 10,000 measured values can be recorded and saved directly via MemoLog. This makes it possible to conveniently manage the recorded values everywhere.
Optimized Maintenance MemoView is ideal for on-site maintenance and read out of calibration data. And in systems with Protos II and Stratos Multi transmitters, MemoView can be used to check the sensors on site.