Unical 9000

รายละเอียด Maximum availability of the point of measurement: Calibrating without disrupting the process, even when measuring directly in the pressure vessel.
In combination with the Protos process analysis system and a SensoGate or Ceramat sensor lock-gate, Unical provides the ideal functionality of a complete system for automatic process control of a pH measurement. It allows highly accurate measurements to be taken even with difficult process conditions such as high pressure, high temperatures, and high levels of impurities. The system can be installed next to the process, within the hazardous area.
Since the electrode is not removed for calibration, the process can continue uninterrupted. This allows problem-free measurements directly in a pressure vessel or in the main pipe. Elaborate and lockable bypasses are eliminated and accuracy increases.
Low maintenance Fully automatic sensor calibration at user-defined intervals without interrupting the process. Two buffer solutions are automatically pumped into the calibration chamber. Only the buffer bottles need to be refilled.
Cost-effective Low-wear and low-maintenance pumps with extremely low consumption of buffer.
Long sensor life also in critical processes When measuring in aggressive media or at high process temperatures, the sensor rests in the calibration chamber and is only briefly moved into the process for measurement. This method increases the sensor life significantly.
Safe and easy measurement even in strongly polluted media Sensor cleaning and rinsing is performed at user-defined intervals. Cleaning solution and water are automatically pumped into the calibration chamber. Removal and manual cleaning of the sensor are not required.
Distinction between calibration and adjustment This allows you to check the sensor data in the running process. An adjustment is only carried out when there are preset deviations of the calibration values. Constant displacement of the measured values due to small calibration scatters is omitted.
Modern fieldbus integration The interfaces to PROFIBUS PA or Foundation Fieldbus allow the Unical system to be integrated directly in a fieldbus network. Of course, also in hazardous areas.
Universal adaptation to retractable fittings The modular structure of the Unical system allows any retractable fittings to be used. Optimum functionality is achieved with the Ceramat and Sensogate sensor lock-gates.
Clean and safe construction All features for smooth, safe, and low-maintenance operation are included as standard: water pressure gage and service switch with alert message and feedback of the actual lock-gate position, air filter and water trap. Flooding sensor in the housing with alert message.