EE576 Miniature air flow sensor for measurement of minimal flows.
  The EE576 is a compact air velocity transmitter designed for measurement of lowest velocity.
Detail Equipped with a newly developed sensor head and utilizing the proven E+E hot-film element, already tested a million times in the automotive industry, these transmitters are less sensitive to dust and dirt than conventional hot-wire elements.
  This is reflected in the excellent reproducibility and proven long-term stability of the measuring results. The factory calibration with a special wind tunnel for lowest velocity ensures optimal precision and maximum sensitivity. The EE576 can be mounted fast and easily.
  The alignment strip along the probe’s tube and the matching mounting flange determine the orientation of the sensor probe. The mounting flange allows for an infinitely variation of the depth of the sensor probe. The electronics integrated in the probe tube provide a linear analogue signal of 0-5V or 0-10V for the velocity range 0…2m/s (0…400ft/min) or 0…1m/s (0…200ft/min).
Technical data EE576  
MEASURING RANGE 0…2m/s (0…400ft/min)
  0…1m/s (0…200ft/min)
ACCURACY 0.2… 1m/s: ±(0.05m/s (10ft/min) +2% of MV)
  0,2… 2m/s: ±(0.08m/s (16ft/min) +4% of MV)
OUTPUTS 0-5V or 0-10V
SUPPLY 10-19V DC or 19-29V DC