Connection Head Style AR

Detail Featuring connection heads, Style AR mineral insulated thermocouples are resistant to dust and moisture, ensuring continuous long term reliability. This is possible because the covers keep the connection to the extension wire clean.
  The connection heads are designed for mating to a conduit, allowing permanent installation. A variety of head styles are available, including plastic, cast iron, aluminum and explosion proof.
Features and Benefits Connection head provides superior dust and moisture
  Eight different head styles are available to meet various
application requirements
  Lugs on covers allow tightening with either a screwdriver or
  Plastic heads are weather resistant and can be exposed
to weak acids, organic solvents, alkalies, sunlight and dust.
Bottom mounting is standard; side mounting is available on
  Cast iron heads are available in standard and miniature
sizes and are suitable for demanding high temperature
environments, such as heavy industrial and process
  Optional head-mounted transmitter, 4-20mA, reduces
electrical noise. The transmitter is available on connection
head Styles A, B, C, D, E and H