Detail Watlow’s MICROCOIL miniature thermocouple provides surface temperature measurements that deliver an unparalleled degree of accuracy. This patented technology achieves critical isothermal surface temperature measurement and offers superior design flexibility.
Typical sensor-to-sensor repeatability of one to two percent (DT) can be achieved with the MICROCOIL because sensor areas that are vulnerable to normal production variances are not inside of the thermal gradient. Weld location, insulation thickness and welded tip thickness no longer impact measurement in an isothermal environment. Therefore, the inherent challenges of measuring surface temperatures no longer exist.
The MICROCOIL thermocouple utilizes Watlow’s XACTPAK® mineral insulated thermocouple cable. When used with an ungrounded junction, the sensor is electrically isolated from the surface being measured. For higher voltage applications, the aluminum nitride sensor disc option can be used for additional protection.
The helix design of the MICROCOIL thermocouple elicits a faster response time because the surface temperature conducts only through the diameter of the cable and the width of the sensor disk.
Thermal analysis demonstrates the superior performance of the MICROCOIL technology. This patented process achieves critical isothermal area for a long length of a very small cable, ensuring accurate and repeatable measurement.
Standard straight sensors experience poor accuracy of response time, non-repeatable results as well as errors ranging from 20 to 30 percent and higher.