Detail The EXACTSENSE thermocouple from Watlow provides the accuracy, response time and durability required to help manufacturers improve their diesel aftertreatment system performance. This sensor is designed to meet demanding global emission requirements for over-the-road medium and heavy-duty vehicles and off-road construction, mining, agriculture, marine and locomotive equipment. It is available with a variety of standard options to meet specific manufacturer requirements.
Features & Benefits Thermocouple conductors are ideal for all temperature applications
  Wide selection of sheath materials meets specific application temperatures
  Insulation materials meet demanding application temperatures
  Grounded and ungrounded junctions meet electrical configurations
  Testing and certification services are ideal for demanding applications


Optical Res Accuracy Temperature Outside Diameter
    up to 3100 up to 1700 1.6 to 6.4 in. In 0.063 to 0.25 mm Cm