Thermocouple and Extension Wire

Detail Since 1914, SERV-RITE thermocouple wire and thermocouple extension wire have been recognized for premium performance and reliability. All stock and custom wire is manufactured in Watlow’s plant where materials, manufacturing equipment and quality controls are carefully selected to ensure superior uniformity. Watlow offers popular wires as well as custom manufactured wire using alloys and insulation types to meet specific application demands.In an effort to better serve our customers Watlow recently adjusted inventory and increased stocking levels of its high quality SERV-RITE thermocouple and extension wire, which has greatly improved availability of standard constructions. All wire is manufactured under rigid quality controls following ISO 9001 standards. In addition, all electromotive force (EMF) versus temperature calibration procedures follow one or more of the following standards: ASTM E 207, ASTM E 220 and AMS 2750. All testing has NIST traceability. Unless otherwise specified, all SERV-RITE thermocouple wire and extension wire are supplied to meet standard tolerances of ASTM E 230.
Features & Benefits Type E, J, K, S and T thermocouple wire fit virtually all applications
  Compensation extension wire permits fine tuning of temperature measuring
  Wide selection of insulation types meets temperature, chemical, moisture and
 abrasion resistance objectives
  Color coding complies with United States, United Kingdom, German, Japanese
and IEC standards
  Stock RTD lead wire meets virtually all industrial RTD 


Wire Part Number Insulation Maximum Temperature
K20-1-350 Ceramic Fiber 2600
K20-2-350 Ceramic Fiber 2600
K20-2-355 Ceramic Fiber 2600
K20-1-301 Vitreous Silica 2000
K20-2-301 Vitreous Silica 2000
K20-2-365 Vitreous Silica 2000
K20-2-314 High Temp-Fiberglass 1800
K20-1-321 High Temp-Fiberglass 1800
K20-2-321 High Temp-Fiberglass 1800
J20-1-304 Std Fiberglass 1000
J20-2-304 Std Fiberglass 1000
J20-3-304 Std Fiberglass 1000
K20-1-304 Std Fiberglass 1000
K20-3-304 Std Fiberglass 1000
K24-1-304 Std Fiberglass 1000
J24-2-511 Kapton Tape 800
K24-1-508 FTFE Tape 600
K24-2-508 FTFE Tape 600
T24-2-508 FTFE Tape 600
J30-2-506 FEP 500
K30-2-506 FEP 500
T30-2-506 FEP 500
J20-3-507 FEP 500
K20-1-507 FEP 500
K20-3-507 FEP 500
K24-1-507 FEP 500
K24-3-507 FEP 500
T20-2-507 FEP 500
T24-2-507 FEP 500
K16-5-509 FEP 500
J20-5-502 PVC 221
J20-7-502 PVC 221
K20-5-502 PVC 221
K20-7-502 PVC 221
T20-5-502 PVC 221
K20-5-510 PVC 221
K20-7-510 PVC 221
T20-5-510 PVC 221
T24-1-505 PVC Ripcord 221
T24-2-505 PVC Ripcord 221