Standard Industrial Insulated Leads Style RB

Detail Watlow manufactures a variety of RTD sensors that are specially designed to ensure precise and repeatable temperature measurement. Watlow sensors are built to meet the most demanding industrial applications while providing a lower total cost of ownership for our customers.
Performance Capabilities Precise and stable within the wide temperature range of -328 to 1200°F (-200 to 650°C)
Features and Benefits  
Strain-free construction Provides dependable, accurate readings
  Allows elements from different lots to be substituted with no recalibration needed
High signal-to-noise output Increases accuracy of data transmission
  Permits greater distances between sensor and measuring equipment

Temperature coefficient (alpha) carefully controlled while insulation resistance values exceed
DIN-IEC-751 standards

Ensures sensor sensitivity
  Minimizes self heating
  Allows precise measurement
Typical Applications Stoves, grills, fryers and other food equipment
  Textile production
  Plastics processing
  Petrochemical processing
  Air, gas and liquid temperature measurement
  Exhaust gas temperature measurement
  Semiconductor processing
  Bearing and gear boxes