ZU 6985

รายละเอียด Conductivity Sensor
Facts and Features – Easy to use
– No platinization required
– Large measuring range: 1 μS/cm … 1 S/cm
– Simultaneous temperature measurement
– High chemical resistance (materials: glass, platinum, PTFE, FKM)
– Virtually resistant to contamination
– Immediately ready for measurement thanks to individually measured cell constants
The sensor has a very large measuring range from 1 μS/cm to 1 S/cm and is equipped with a quick-reacting Pt1000 temperature detector. It has a glass/platinum 4-electrode measuring system with an easy-to-re-place precision glass tube, is simple to clean, and does not require platinization.
Applications Precise measurements in a broad conductivity range in the laboratory or during portable use – the resistant materials also permit use in media with serious chemical stress.