SE 557

Detail For special requirements and high-precision measurements with refillable liquid electrolyte. Also digital, with Memosens technology.
Facts and Features High accuracy
  Extensive measuring range for pH and temperature
  Refillable liquid electrolyte
  2 ceramic junctions
  Self cleaning due to pressurization
  Integrated temperature detector
  Alpha glass, medium impedance, universal glass, fluoride resistant
Memosens Sensors Perfect galvanic isolation thanks to Memosens technology
  No influence of humidity in the connector
  Precalibration in the lab
  Digital data transfer
  Integrated sensor diagnostics
  Omega glass, high impedance for high-temperature applications, very low alkali error, CIP/SIP capable
  Elimination of typical junction problems resulting in high measurement accuracy in ultrapure water as well as in heavily polluted media and at high temperatures. Integrated, refillable liquid electrolyte reservoir. 2 ceramic junctions, self cleaning due to pressurization (continuous outflow of electrolyte).
Applications Boiler feed water, water for injection (WFI), semiconductor production, difficult process media requiring high measurement stability