SE 555

รายละเอียด Autoclavable sensor for reliable and precise measurement of pH values. Also digital thanks to Memosens-Technology.
Facts and Features – Gel electrolyte, pressurized and long-term stable
– Ceramic junction
– Safe sterilization with temperature monitoring
– Integrated temperature detector
– Omega glass, high impedance for high-temperature applications, very low alkali error, CIP/SIP capable
Memosens Sensors – Perfect galvanic isolation thanks to Memosens technology
– No influence of humidity in the connector
– Precalibration in the lab
– Digital data transfer
– Integrated sensor diagnostics
– Also available as version without paint-wetting impairment substances (PWIS-free)
The special pH glass enables a very fast and stable response and makes the sensor CIPand SIP-capable, even in the harshest of environments.
The gel electrolyte of the reference electrode is pressurized and longterm stable. This makes the sensor ideal for routine applications in food processing and biotechnology. It is equally suited for continuous measurements in analytical chemistry.
Applications Fermentation, food and beverages, aggressive media, extreme pH values, Chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage industries, paint shops