SE 706

รายละเอียด Sensor in robust and hygienic stainless steel design, high accuracy and low detection limit, simple and fast maintenance due to special membrane. Also digital, with Memosens technology.
Facts and Features – high level of process safety
– durable materials
– robust design
– easy to clean thanks to extremely smooth surface
– cost-efficient service due to easy-to-replace membrane module and interior body
– hygienic design
– high resolution of 6 ppb
– operation also in hazardous locations
– VP screw cap
Memosens Sensors – perfect galvanic isolation thanks to Memosens technology
– no influence of humidity in the connector
– precalibration in the lab
– digital data transfer
– integrated sensor diagnostics
Reliable in-line measurement of dissolved oxygen, even under sterile and hygienic conditions. High signal stability. Simple maintenance due to modular design. Special membrane with steel mesh and PTFE coating. Sterilizable, autoclavable, and CIP-capable. Also suitable for use in hazardous areas.
Applications Biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, fermentation, various fields of analytical chemistry