SE 565

รายละเอียด ORP sensor for hygienic processes and sterile applications.
Facts and Features – Perfect galvanic isolation thanks to Memosens technology
– No influence of humidity in the connector
– Digital data transfer
– Integrated sensor diagnostics
– State-of-the-art gel electrolyte
– Integrated temperature detector
– Ceramic junction
– For hygienic and sterile applications
– For heavily polluted media
– For media containing sulfides
– For media containing proteins
– Suitable for solvent-containing processes
The SE 565 ORP sensors are of low maintenance. Through a ceramic junction, the pressurized reference system with gel electrolyte is in contact with the process medium. The measuring electrode is made of platinum.
SE 565 sensors are designed for simultaneous measurement of ORP and temperature in industrial processes.
They are suitable for sterilization with steam and they provide a reference system which has been developed for the use in food and pharmaceutical products.
Applications Hygienic and sterile applications, food and pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology