SE 680

รายละเอียด High-precision sensor made of FDA-approved PEEK with an extremely large measuring range. Steam-sterilizable.
Facts and Features – Compact design
– Competitively priced
– Large measuring range
– Quick-reacting temperature detector
– Digital data transfer
– Completely closed surface
– Virgin PEEK, FDA type
– Varivent with EHEDG
The joint- and gap-free, sealless design and stain-resistant surface made of Virgin PEEK make the SE 680 a heavy-duty sensor. The inductive technology is not influenced by polarization and does not have any sensor surfaces subject to corrosion.
Applications Fresh water technology, dairy products, breweries, soft drink manufacturing, electro-plating, air-conditioning, CIP monitoring in the beverage industry, pharmaceutical applications, cooling tower monitoring, on-site wastewater treatment plants, monitoring concentrations of salt solutions, alka-lis and acids, washers, and rinsing processes