SE 620

รายละเอียด Pharma-compliant 2-electrode sensor in hygienic design
Facts Low surface roughness
Integrated temperature detector
Measuring range 0.001 to 50 μS/cm
Coaxially arranged electrodes
Independent of installation conditions
Insulator and sealing materials FDA-listed
VP screw cap
PortaSim simulator with VP plug
Incl. Inspection Certificate 3.1
Conductivity sensor in pharmaceutical design with coaxial electrodes and integrated temperature detector. Low surface roughness of <0.8 µm.
The materials are physiologically harmless and meet FDA requirements. Steam-sterilizable. Reliable and easy checking of the measurement using PortaSim simulators according to USP.
Applications Pure and ultrapure water, water for injection (WFI), food industry, ion exchangers, reverse osmosis plants, also chip manufacturing