FINBAR™ Single- Ended Heaters

Detail Composed of aluminized steel fins press-fitted to a one-inch single-ended FIREBAR element, the FINBAR finned tubular heater is designed to improve heat transfer to the air and permits putting more power in tighter spaces—like forced air ducts, dryers, ovens and load bank resistors.
  Heat transfer, lower sheath temperature and element life are all maximized by the FINBAR heater’s finned construction. Installation is simplified by terminations exiting at one end and mounting accommodations on both ends.
Features & Benefits Rugged aluminized steel fins increase surface area to improve heat transfer to air
  Single-ended termination simplifies wiring and installation
  Stainless steel mounting bracket for ease of installation
  Lavacone seals provides protection against humid storage conditions – moisture retardant to 221°F (105°C)


Material Maximum Operating Temperatures Maximum Watt Densities
  F° W/in2 W/cm2
Alloy 800 2050 1120 30 4.6