Silicone Rubber Enclosure Heaters

Detail Designed for freeze and condensation protection, Watlow’s enclosure heaters are rugged, reliable and safe to operate. These rectangular-shaped, wire-wound silicone rubber enclosure heaters can be ordered by themselves with adhesive or vulcanized to an aluminum mounting plate. A thermostat can be attached to the heater or mounted separately. Pictured are enclosure heater units with thermostat on heater in foreground and heater with remote thermostat in background.
Features & Benefits Pressure sensitive adhesive mounting for quick and easy installation
  Several standard thermostat set points ensures protection against freezing with minimal energy consumption
  Remote thermostat option provides optimal choice of heater location versus temperature control location
  No exposed electrical connections creates a safe and reliable operation
  Multiple lead options accommodate a variety of wiring requirements


Material Maximum Operating Temperatures Maximum Watt Densities
  F° W/in2 W/cm2
Alloy 800 2050 1120 30 4.6