Portavo 908 Multi

รายละเอียด Portable Memosens-based measuring device for the analysis of liquids with direct printer control.
Portable Multiparameter Analyzer for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries.
Facts and Features Multiparameter
– pH
– contacting conductivity
– inductive conductivity
– amperometric oxygen
– optical oxygen
GLP compliant
Direct printer control
User management
pH calibration with a fixed process cycle
Digital Memosens sensors
Concentration measurement with toroidal conductivity sensors
Robust, practical, ergonomic
Li-ion battery – charged directly via USB

Portavo 908 Multi is the first portable Memosens-based measuring device for the analysis of liquids with direct printer control. A printer for immediate printing of the calibration record (GLP compliant) can be directly connected via the micro USB port.
Many new features distinguish the Portavo 908 Multi for use in the pharmaceutical and biotech field. These include

  • a new pH calibration procedure with a fixed process cycle
  • multi-level user management with access control
  • direct assignment of Memosens sensors to the device,which increases safety in operation.
Tailor-made pH calibration SOP Cal
pH sensors can be tested using the new SOP calibration procedure with up to 3 calibration points. The third buffer is used as a verification buffer. You can pick and choose the buffer set for each calibration point and also set the sequence.
You can use your own buffer solutions or choose from a list of commercially available buffer sets, e.g., CaliMat, NIST and DIN. For the verification buffer, a maximum permitted deviation (delta pH) is entered.
Security package included

User management
The Portavo 908 Multi’s professional user management regulates access to the device and the sensor.

  • Increased security for configuration, calibration and measurement data
  • No unauthorized interventions during the operating cycle
  • Up to 4 user profiles can be entered
  • Different access rights can be established

Depending on user experience, the role profile can be selectively defined for configuring the device and sensor as well as for calibrating the sensor. The risk of changing settings inadvertently is clearly minimized in this way.

More Safety During Operation

Memosens sensors can be assigned directly to the Portavo 908 Multi. As such, data saved in the sensor can be consulted, including

  • sensor type
  • TAG
  • group

Unique sensor-to-device assignment reduces potential errors. This ensures that only the right sensors are used for the selected measuring point.