Oilport 30 Set

Oilport 30 Set Handheld meter for moisture in oil measurement
  The Oilport 30 handheld meter is dedicated to portable monitoring of moisture and temperature in oil.
  The simple and intuitive operation via TFT touch screen and the built-in data logging function make the Oilport 30 hand-held the ideal tool for fast and reliable oil analysis.
Measurands Relative water content / water activity [aw]Absolute water content [ppm] Temperature [°C / °F]Oilport 30 accurately measures water activity aw and temperature T. By entering oil-specific parameters, the hand-held meter calculates water content in oil (ppm).
Probes Pressure-tight oil probe up to 20bar Together with the ball valve assembly set, the oil probe can be fitted and removed without interrupting the oil circuit.
Short oil probe Ideal for quickly determining the moisture in oil samples.
  Oilport 30 Set
  Oilport 30 with ball valve mounting set
  Short oil probe for Oilport 30
  Pressure-tight oil probe for Oilport 30