EE244 Modular Wireless Transmitter for Temperature, Humidity and CO2
  The EE244 modular wireless transmitter is based on the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol with a transmission frequency of 2.4 GHz and measures up to three physical quantities: relative humidity, temperature and CO2.
Type EE244 CO2 wireless sensor for wallmounting with display
  EE244 humidity and temperature wireless sensor with remote probe and display
  EE244 humidity and temperature wireless sensor for wallmounting with display
Detail It accomodates up to 3 sensing probes, which can be plugger directly onto the EE244 basic unit or with a connection cable up to 10m long. The robust enclosure features an external antenna and an optional display.
  EE244 wireless transmitter is powered by four alkaline AA batteries, but can also be connected to an external power supply. Depending on the number of probes, the physical quantities measured, and the sampling and transmission rate, the batteries may last up to 3 years.
Available Sensors: EE871 (CO2)
  EE07 (T, RH)
  EE03 (T, RH)
Key Features EE244 Measurement of temperature, humidity and CO2
  One wireless network can contain up to 500 transmitters
  Pluggable, interchangeable probes
  Remote sensors at up to 10 metres
  Uses four 1.5 V AA standard batteries
  Battery life of up to 3 years
  External power supply possible
  Optional display
  Interchangeable sensors from E+E
  Robust enclosure with external antenna
Technical data EE244  
MEASURING VALUES Humidity, Temperature, CO2
RADIO RANGE 1000m in open field