EE08 High Precision Humidity and Temperature Probe
  The EE08 is optimized for accurate humidity and temperature measurement over a wide working range.

EE08 humidity and temperature probe with connector

  EE08 humidity and temperature probe with cable
Detail The probe has both analogue and digital outputs and is available with either cable or M12 connector. It is possible to choose between active and passive temperature measurement.
  The probe is easily installed and dismounted thanks to the M12 thread. Low power consumption and short start-up time make the EE08 ideal for battery operated systems.
  For meteorology and other outdoor applications, the EE08 can be used with the optional radiation shield.
  With an optional confugration kit, it is possible to adjust the humidity and temperature reading and set up the analogue outputs.
Typical Applications Meteorology, weather stations
  Hatcheries and incubators
  Climatic chambers
  Green houses, storage rooms
  Artificial snow machines
  Battery operated devices
Key Features EE08 Highest measurement accuracy
  Outstanding long term stability
  Wide working temperature range
  Compact and easily interchangeable
  Low power consumption
  Short start-up time
  Adjustment and outputs setup by the user
Technical data EE08  
  -40…80 °C (-40…176 °F)
  ±0.2 °C (±0.36 °F)
OUTPUTS analogue and E2 digital (2-wire)
SUPPLY 4.5-15V or 7-30V DC