Non-fluctuation Flowmeter


Wide flow range As the rotors’ rotation torque is small, pressure loss is minimum and it can a wide flow range.
Less vibration and noise 2 sets of rotors at 45°alignment reduce the pulsation of flow achieving less vibration and noise of piping system.
Small installation footprint Installation footprint is small because of Its vertical structure.


Main specification

Applicable Fluid Various oils
Accuracy ±0.5% or ±0.2%
Connection size 150mm ~ 350mm
Flow range 8~1,500m2G/h
Fluid Temperature -5 ~ 150℃
(Rotor material for AC : MAX 50℃ )
(Rotor material for FC200 : MAX 150℃ )
Pressure Max 2.5MPa
Viscosity Max 150mMPas
Material Body : SCPH2
  Rotors : FC200, AC