Intelligent turbine meter

Wide measurement range and high accuracy


Our turbine meter is much smaller and lighter

Multifunctional because of electronic and compact design.

Measurement with high accuracy

Wide measurement range and high accuracy Compared with other types of flowmeters, Our turbine meter is much smaller and lighter and can measure accurately in a very wide flow range.
The high precision integrating accuracy of ±0.2% can be always maintained for dealings and ±0.5% for general purpose with excellent accuracy repeatability.

Extremely wide range of application
  • Applicable fluid
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
Unique rotor floating structure

The rotor rotates in a floating state by a unique fluid dynamic balancing structure, which facilitates to provide very high accuracy in a wide flow range and superb durability.

Light and compact structure for easy maintenance

The light and compact structure facilitates easy handling and maintenance.


Standard specifications(MEASURING UNIT)

Applicable Fluid Water, Petroleum, Chemical Liquids, LPG, LNG etc.
Accuracy ±0.2% or  ±0.5%
Flow Rate Range 0.36 ~ 3,500 m3/h
Pressure loss -10~80℃
Fluid temperature Flange Ratings
Fluid Temperature 5mm2/s {5cSt} or less
Connection Size 20mm(3/4inch)~350mm(14inch)
Flange Rating JIS 10K, 20K FF or RF ANSI.JPI 150,300 RF
Material Housing SUS304 (Under capacity model 54 type)
SUS304+S25C (Flange)
(More than capacity model 57 type)
Blade SUS631 (Under capacity model 54 type)
SUS430 (More than capacity model 51 Type)
Bearing Super Hard Alloy
Others SUS304
Piping Installation Horizontal Piping
Paint Color Silver (Only indicating unit)