GAS Flowmeter


  • High accuracy and wide flow rate range.
  • Wide pressure range and small pressure loss.
  • Leak-free transmission system.
  • Small minimum sensitivity flow.
  • Built in automatic lubricating device.

Main specification

Applicable Fluid City, Nayural Gas, Methane Ethane, Propane, Butane, Air, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen, Helium, Hydrogen etc.
Accuracy Calibration tolerance
Flow Rate Range Refer to the flow rate range table.
Fluid Temperature -10~40℃
Max.Working Pressure Max. O49MPa(5kgf/cm2) Max O97Mpa(9.9kgf/cm2)
Test pressure Hydraulic Pressure 0.98MPa(10kgf/cm2) 1.57MPa(16kgf/cm2)
  Air Tight Pressure 0.61MPa(6.25kgf/cm2) 1.27MPa(13kgf/cm2)
Connection Size 50mm(2B)~300mm(12B)
Flange Rating JIS 10K FF JTS 10K RF
Material Body FC250 SCPH2
  Rotor AC(Aluminum)
  Magnetic Coupling AC3604, etc.
Piping Installation Vertical Piping (TOP – BOTTOM)
Paint Color Munsel1 1.4PB 3.1/1.2