Totalizing unit mechanical type FRO Type


High accuracy Accuracy is within ±0.5%
Fluid is directly measured by gear or roots, enabling accurate measuring.
Compact design The flowmeter is compactly designed, yet the indicator is easy to read.
Excellent durability Simple structure enables long term durability with virtually no degradation of accuracy.


Size : 40mm (11/2B)~50mm (2B) Suitable for medium volume flow between 0.8~15 m³/h (800~15,000L/h)
Employs roots rotors made of aluminum alloy
Roots rotors rotate without physical contact
⇒Extremely low pressure loss
⇒Accuracy remains unchanged over a long period of time
Accuracy ±0.5%
Flow Range Refer to next page
Max. Working Pressure 1MPa
Hydraulic Test Pressure 2MPa
Size 1/2B
Max. Working Temperature Kerosene, diesel/light oil : 50℃ A, B, C heavy oil : 100℃
Flange Rating JIS10K FF
Body FC 250 (Cast iron)
Material Rotor ADC12
(Aluminum alloy die cast)
0BX : Totalizing counter (7 digits), Reset counter (5 digits)
Counter Unit 0AX : Totalizing counter (7 digits)
Transmitter Microswitch (0AM, 0BM)
Electrical Transmitter Unit Output Pulse Max. 5Hz
Contact Life Time 5 million times
Cable Double core shield cable
Flow Direction Right → Left (Standard)
Painting Color Munsell 1.4PB 3.1/1.3