Electronic turbine gas meter


Wide measuring range and high accuracy It has a wide flow rate measuring range and has high measuring accuracy far precise than the calibration tolerance specified in the Measurement Law of Japan.
Highly accurate calculation Highly accurate calculation can be made by accurate pressure sensor, temperature sensor and microcomputer.
Possible to read both temperature and pressure In addition to the temperature compensation calculated value, it displays the integrated value of non-compensation, temperature compensation, pressure compensation, and temperature and pressure value.
Battery driven type It can be used without changing built-in battery for seven years, and the power supply work is not required.

Standard specification

Measuring unit
Applicable Fluid City gas, Natural gas, LP gas, Air, etc.
Accuracy Conforming to callbration tolerance
Flow Rate Range 32~4000 m3/h (Depends on connection size)
Pressure loss Model number 0650; at max. flow rate 1.96 kPa (200 mmAq)
Model number 10000 over; at max. flow ratet 0.98 kPa (100 mmAq)
Fluid temperature -10~40℃
Connection Size Max. 097 Mpa (9.9 kgf/cm2)
Flange Rating 100 mm (4B) ~ 300 mm (12B)
Material Housing FCD 450
Rotor Aluminum
Others SUS304 and others
Inflow direction Left to right (standard)
Paint Color Munsell 1.4PB 3.1/1.2
Display unit
Display Integrated value 7-digits (non-compensation)
Segmentalised flow rate Display ten aliquot of the least significant digit of the integrated value
Error Display to the most significant digit at the time of error outbreak
Function Coefficient compensation Convert a rotor turn into a unit pulse
Instrumental error compensation Lineariziation of instrument error
Discrimination of direct-flow and back-flow Add and subtract the direct-flow and back-flow and display the integrated value
Over metering Overshoot compensation at the time of sudden value shutoff
Output pulse Output signal Open drain
Power source Max. 6V, DC 500 mA
Pulse wigth 0.25 sec.
Lithium battery Battery lifetime 7 years
Ambient temperature -10~40℃