The pulse sensor CCG flowmeter is a positive displacement flowmeter to directly measure the flow with two oval shaped gear rotors. It is best suitable to measure very small flow rate of various fluids such as catalyst, additive, or perfume. Because of stainless steel as standard material, it has high corrosion resistance against special fluids.

Standard Specification

Applicable Fluid Water, Chemical Liquid, Food, Pharmaceutical Substance, Petroleum, etc.
Accuracy ±0.5%RD
Flow Range 2~300L/h
Fluid Viscosity 5mPa・s or below
Fluid Temperature -10~80℃
Max.Working Pressure 1.96MPa
Connection Size 15mm
Material Body : SCS14 Rotor : SUS316
  Rotor Shaft : SUS316 Hard Chrome Coating
  Bearing : Carbon