Governor MG Series

MG series controls various gas supply line pressure such as city gas, the natural gas with excellent response and high security. Serialized widely them for from low pressure to high pressure, and low noise governor.


Excellent response and controllability

High sensitivity pilot has been adopted and it responses to a slight pressure fluctuation with little setting error. In addition, stable control can be made even to sudden load fluctuation.

Excellent features even at low pressure

Stable control is allowed from minute flow rate to large flow rate with a small cutoff pressure, and less than 9.8 kPa offset at the fully-closing time depending on the type.

Safety design of non-bleed type

The structure is designed to allow the pilots bleed gas to release to the outlet side of the governor. It is safety since no gas is released to the atmosphere.

Unique structure

The body has a rigid structure with single seat valve of the cage guide type. In addition, the internal parts are the pressure balancing type that allows stable control even at high pressure with a small reaction of the fluid.

Easy reduction of noise

By only replacing the internal part of the standard governor, the governor can be easily remodeled into a low noise governor. (Noise can be reduced by about 20 dB compared with the standard governor.)

Standard Specifications

Applicable Fluid City gas, Natural gas, LP gas, Nitrogen gas, Air, etc.
Fluid temperature 0~40℃
Ambient temperature -10~50℃
Installated place indoor
Set pressure (outlet pressure) Standard governor, Low noise governor
Connection Size For low pressure 1.0 ~ 3.0 kPa For medium pressure 1.3 ~ 0.45 kPa For high pressure 0.4 ~ 2.5 kPa
Flange Rating 50 ~ 150 mm 50 ~ 300 mm 150 ~ 400 mm
Max. Working pressure Housing 0.99 MPa 0.99 MPa 4 MPa
Actuator 0.35 ~ 0.52 Mpa 0.35 ~ 0.7 Mpa 1 ~ 4 Mpa
Pilot (Inlet pressure) 0.29 Mpa 0.99 Mpa 4 Mpa
Flange Rating JIS 10K RF JIS 10K RF JPI Class 300