EE776 Insertion mass flow meter for DN50 – DN700 (2″ – 28″) and up to 16 bar (232 psi)
  The EE776 is a thermal mass flow meter dedicated for monitoring compressed air, nitrogen, CO2 or other non-corrosive and non-flammable gases. It can be employed in pipes from DN50 to DN700 (2″ to 28″) and at up to 16 bar (232 psi).
Detail The EE776 flow meter set new standards in terms of safety and easy assembly. The patented non-return protection combines three functions in one device: 
Non-return protection The probe can only be moved in one direction during installation, and it cannot return at all, even if it is released.
Seal By means of an encapsulated O-ring, the pressurized gaz cannot leak during probe mounting.
Probe positioning The precise positioning with respect to immersion depth and orientation is easy to perform, guaranteeing accurate measurement results.An optional ½” ball valve enables the installation and removal of the probe without interruption of the gas flow. Every EE776 flow meter undergoes a precise factory calibration procedure at a pressure of 9 bar (130 psi), the corresponding calibration certificate is included in the standard scope of supply.EE776 features two outputs which can be configured as analogue (current or voltage), alarm or pulse output for consumption metering. The EE776 flow meter is available with an additional MODBUS RTU or M-BUS (Meter-Bus) interface.
Key Features EE776 Non-return protection for safe installation
  Assembly/disassembly under pressure without flow interruption
  Easy and accurate positioning
  Pipe diameters DN50 to DN700 (2″ to 28″)
  Pressure range up to 16 bar (232 psi) (PN16)
  Wide measuring range up to 200 Nm/s (39370 SFPM)
  MODBUS RTU or M-BUS interface
Technical data EE776  
MEASURED VALUES standardized volumetric flow, mass flow, standardised flow, temperature, consumption
MEASURING RANGE 0.5 – 200 Nm/s (100…39370 SFPM)
ACCURACY ±1.5 % of the measured value
PIPE DIAMETER DN50 up to DN700 (2″ to 28″)
OUTPUTS 0-10 V, 0/4-20 mA, Pulse, Switch, Modbus RTU or M-Bus
SUPPLY 18 – 30 V AC/DC